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    Tha' Breaks #075: 75

    #075 Tha' Breaks #075: 75

    Sep 5, 2013 - Join JMJ, Nestor and Tha Bagel as they welcome DJ Jessie Dash and the return of Canadian rapper TeeWhy to discuss: Nu Yawk, american vs canadian fast food, down by law fashions, VMA's, Oakwood apts., TeeWhy's new video, James Dean, Jensen Karp and Nova Rockafeller, plus a lil freestyle sesh with TeeWhy.
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    Tha' Breaks #074: 74

    #074 Tha' Breaks #074: 74

    Aug 22, 2013 - Kick back with JMJ and Nestor as they welcome TV director Janice Cooke Leonard and rapper Skyler Duf to discuss German Fury, directing in Hollywood, The Funky Girls vs bullying, and Skyler spits live!
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    Tha' Breaks #073: 73

    #073 Tha' Breaks #073: 73

    Jun 27, 2013 - Kick it with JMJ, Nestor, Simon and Rich Corbin as we listen to some "Disco Jazz" and discuss: the Iron Sheik and wrestling memories, airline problems (but a bitch ain't one!), we've got game, Persians, AIDS and Act Up, Jewish nerds, new media vs old media, Chubb Rock vs samples and The Original 7ven's "Trendin".
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    Tha' Breaks #072: 72

    #072 Tha' Breaks #072: 72

    Jun 20, 2013 - JMJ, Nestor & Simon Kaufman welcome Rich Corbin and DJ Mad Hatter to discuss racial marriage differences, generational differences, the web series "Assistant Living", Israeli soldiers gone wild, Kimye having a girl, survival of the fittest, R.I.P. Jean Stapleton, Richard Pryors' kids, spotlight Johnni Vybes and Juan Wills' "Arroz Con Pollo" vs mass appeal, the Puerto Rican day parade memories, NY Jews and finally we listen to a submission from Tyson Saner.
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    Tha' Breaks #071: 71

    #071 Tha' Breaks #071: 71

    Jun 17, 2013 - JMJ & 420 Comic Jeffrey Peterson kick back and talk Hempcon 2013, THX 1138, Logan's Run, Vaped Pens, Dune, Star Wars period stain, rastas like Jeff, Memorial Day, failed sitcoms and a memorial to fallen music stars.
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    Tha' Breaks #070: 70

    #070 Tha' Breaks #070: 70

    May 16, 2013 - Join JMJ, Nestor and Simon Kaufman as they kick the ballistics on: Jay & Silent Bob's Groovy Movie LA premiere, LA/NY preservation, R.I.P. Mario Machado, Washington speakeasy tunnels, Tha Breaks Jews, Lauren Hill's a slave for taxes, losing a war could hurt your butt, NPR is "New and Noteworthy", Nestor promos, Sol Rosenberg, Nestor's meat, molecular gastronomy, racist Mtn Dew commercial, Mickey D's serving Mickey Mouse and we spotlight hip hop artist Johhni Vybes' submission.
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    Tha' Breaks #069: 69

    #069 Tha' Breaks #069: 69

    Apr 28, 2013 - Kick tha ballistics with JMJ, Nestor and Jeff as they welcome comedian Simon Kaufman to discuss: racism vs spic & span, Boston Bombings, To Wong Foo; thanks a lot Julie Newmar, Villa Alegre, Ellen is a male role model, NY/LA comics and hating, Old School Hip Hop, Running home for Yo MTV Raps, C**ksucking cupcake shows, Steakhouse rap, Jeff Dowd vs Jeff Peterson at Lebowski Fest LA, The Police, @PeteyGNB vs Chancletamen, the secret of Hollywood success, PBS and much more s**t!!
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    Tha' Breaks #068: 68

    #068 Tha' Breaks #068: 68

    Apr 10, 2013 - Chillax with JMJ and Marilyn as they discuss: The Walking Dead season finale, horrifying Easter Bunnies, the Funny Bunny toy that "poops" jelly beans, Micro Vaped Pens, 420 Funny show, SXSW top artists to watch for in 2013, 30 year DJ reunion mixtape, Jack Off roulette vs 80's partyline, the Bubba Stomp and much more shiznit!!

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